Thursday, May 29, 2008

Testosterone: Sexual Jet Fuel

“So, if anatomy is destiny then testosterone is doom.”—Al Goldstein

Why do men’s sexual jet engines stay revved up and ready for take off? Adult males produce ten to one hundred times more testosterone than women do. Like an eight-lane runway, the male brain unzips along at the speed of sex.

Testosterone is nature’s aphrodisiac. Both men and women with high levels of testosterone engage in more sex.

Effects of Testosterone on Women

Middle-aged women with a low libido take testosterone to increase sexual desire.

Many women experience more sexual desire when testosterone levels are higher around ovulation.

Estrogen-deprived, menopausal women feel testosterone’s effect, desiring more sex.

Effects of Testosterone on Men
Single men have higher levels of testosterone than married men do.

Soldiers with high-testosterone are more likely to—

  • get in trouble with the law
  • use drugs and alcohol
  • have 10 or more sex partners in a year.

Athletes who inject testosterone have more—

  • sexual thoughts
  • morning erections
  • sexual encounters
  • orgasms.

Men with high levels of testosterone—

  • marry less frequently
  • have more adulterous affairs
  • commit more spousal abuse
  • divorce more often.

Testosterone ignites sexual desire in the brain and the genitals—for both men and women. The more testosterone one has, the more wild oats one feels compelled to sow.

Engine Performance

Test pilots take risks by flying higher and faster. To sexually soar at top speed, fast guys on turbo-charged testosterone push the throttle forward. And if there is an unexpected crash landing, what then? What are the advantages of a co-pilot who dares, “You might want to pull the throttle back.”?

What word of caution did I give my sons? “Keep it in the hanger, boys.”

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