Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Double Standards?

“An oxymoron is a figure of speech that stands for a self-contradictory expression like a chaste whore or an honest politician?”—
Evan Esar

Men Want More Sexual Partners Than Women
Men like to have higher numbers of sexual partners than women do. Research by psychologist Dr. David Buss showed that the average number of sexual partners women would like to have in their lifetime is 4.5. Men would like eighteen.

A behavioral study by Clark and Hatfield confirmed this difference. Male and female researchers asked college students three questions:

1. Would you go on a date with me? 50% of the men and women agreed.
2. Would you come back to my place with me? 69% of men and 6% of women agreed.
3. Would you have sex with me? 75% of men agreed. 0% of women agreed.

The Oxymoronic Pendulum
The pendulum swings between pro-sex-as-liberation to anti-sex-as-danger. Women have swung from feeling shamed by religionists for feeling desire and even worse when caught. Now the dishonesty of political correctness shames women when we admit, “I want love and commitment.”

Cultural pressure screams, “Just do it!” Women finally gained sexual equality. How does that same culture react when women make the same sexual choices as men? Just compare the labels that judge sexually active females and males.


The Fall Guy
Maybe sexual liberation is not the fall guy. We fall to guys because we desire to be liked, accepted, loved, and cherished. There is no double standard when women courageously resist the oxymoronic sexual rituals of culture, men, friends, or peer pressure.

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