Friday, October 10, 2008

Before You Go to Sleep Tonight

"The sexual revolution is over and the microbes won."— PJ O'Rourke

  • 153 Americans will contract HIV.
  • 16,986 will be infected with HPV.
  • Almost 2500 will become pregnant out of wedlock.
  • 3315 abortions will take place.
  • Nearly 8500 individuals will contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

These aren't just numbers.

They are real, live, breathing individuals that made an error in judgment or hooked up with, "What's his name?" Today, they faced the consequences of one or many unwise life decisions.

Many may not sleep well tonight. Tomorrow, they face life-altering complications.

Dr. Drew Pinsky spoke to a college crowd regarding their sexual health. Of the 700 in attendance, he said 50% have HPV. Yikes! That's 350 STI carriers sitting in that lecture hall.

Eighty percent of people with STI's do not know they are infected. Those infected with an STI often lie to their partners. Statistics regarding sexually transmitted infections are terrifying, yet most people continue making cavalier decisions regarding their futures.

Then and Now

Consider the increase in STI's over the years.

  • 1967: 1 in 32
  • 1983: 1 in 18
  • Today? 1 in 4

Headlines warn—

  • STD Rates Double for Older Adults
  • Second sexual revolution creating STD crisis in Canada, doctor warns.
  • The Teenage Girl STD Crisis
  • Drink, drugs fuel UK STD crisis

In 1967, there were only five STI's to worry about. Now there are 50. Many highly contagious and incurable. The biggest fear in 1967? Getting pregnant outside of marriage. Today, a teenager is four times more likely to acquire an STD than to become pregnant. Say you remain a virgin until marriage. If your spouse was sexually active, you are still at risk for an STI.

Are You a Ticking Time Bomb?

Have you flown lately? Would you accept a package from a stranger to carry through security? Not likely. You are smarter than that.

Are you just as smart with your sexual health? Why accept sexual packages ticking with STI time bombs from a stranger or someone who has not passed the security check of STI testing?




If you are sexually active, how are you protecting yourself and others?

Tomorrow…tick...tick...tick...every hour...

  • 6 Americans will contract HIV—that's a new infection approximately every ten minutes.
  • 707 Americans will be infected with HPV (6.2 million annually)—that's 11 new infections every minute.
  • 96 become will become pregnant out of wedlock.
  • 138 women will experience an induced abortion (1.21 million annually).
  • Nearly 350 will contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI).




What choices will you make to protect your sexual health?